2010. 02. 17.

New jewelry

Hello! Ez az új munkám! Hogy tetszik?
Hi! This is my new creation. How do you like this set?

8 megjegyzés:

janettaylor írta...


Beautiful set, these shape especially! Great work! You are really creative, dearest Schnappy!

Couture Carrie írta...

Gorgeous, darling!


Brigitte írta...

Ez nagyon aranyos. Egyszerű és mutatós. Gratula hozzá.

Cafe Fashionista írta...

Ooh, I love the red. So pretty!! :)

Jade "Purple" Brown írta...

you made those yourself? those are so unique!

have a great evening!


Schnappy írta...

Thanks, everybody!
Dear Jade! Yes, I made these jewelry and every other on my blog! I wait for you another time!
It will be a surprise with this jewelry!You can see at this weekend! :)

Cheryl írta...

This is a fantastic set.I love the play of colors! :)

coolboy írta...

great post nice one